Plans And Schedule

Recently someone told me something interesting, “If you want to make god laugh tell him your plans” If your wondering were this is going its simple. I made a sweeping declaration that I would be updating on Tuesday and Thursday but sadly life saw this opportunity to kick me in the junk, then beat said junk with a crowbar, and swarmed me with unreal amounts of work. Now I know many webcomics, like CAD were updating three times a week while the cartoonist had a full time job, I am not one of those cartoonists. So after some serious thought I will be updating once a week on a Wednesday. this week I may be wee bit late, maybe, but the next week I should be on schedule.

Still going at it

Borderlands 2 continues to amaze and thrill me beyond expectations. One of the reasons I love it is because of the numerous side quests. I’m on chapter 14, I think,  and I’m really loving the story but I never get to it because I’m so busy with all the side quests! ARUG! Yes that’s a sound.