Borderlands 2, just Borderlands 2. It’s just pure awesomeness. I’ve gone on about it for the last few posts so my thoughts on it are there. I’ve also been grinding through System Shock 2 which is amazing. it was designed by Ken Levine who, if you don’t already know, is the designer of the Bioshock. Needless to say the game kicks insane amounts ass despite it being 16 years old. The gameplay is solid and surprisingly cinematic and the story is interesting. Though if I have to pick something wrong with it, its not the prettiest game but I don’t play games for their graphics so its no problem for me. But I believe there’s a graphics mod.


I, personally, prefer the original graphics. The game was developed by Looking Glass studios (The company behind the first two Thief games) whose games I love . So I recommend it for anyone with about 4 to 7 hours to kill, It took me longer for I couldn’t find the maintenance hatch. I saw it on sale for $2 a while ago and even not on sale it costs around $10 I think.


Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation. I spoke about it last week so my general thoughts on it are below last weeks comic (Blast from the past)


I usually leave the TV on while I work for back round noise but the one show I always stop what I’m doing to go watch is NCIS: New Orland’s. I’ve been watch NCIS and NCIS: LA for a while now, my main sources of back round noise accompanied by Men at Work and Futurama, yet something about it seems so much better than the other ones. It stars Scott Bakula (from Quantum Leap, the Dad from Chuck and Star Trek Enterprise). It stands out from the rest in a really good way.

Graphic Novels/Comics

I’ve been wanting to read Y: the last man for a long time now and a week or two ago I got my hands on it. I can’t talk about it without saying to much about the story but the art is awesome and it was amazingly written.


I love Neil Gaiman. Let me rephrase that, I love Neil Gaiman’s books. I picked up Fragile Things, a collection of his short stories, and loved it,  so I went and got Neverwhere which is just phenomenal. His writing is so much more different than most writers  which separates him in the best way possible.