The End

And so ends the first storyline for pixelated. It took me a hell of a long time but better late than never right? Also you may have noticed that 99% of the comments have disappeared. Henriel from bomb in a box, who helps  me run the site, was trying to link the site to social media (or something) and updated a few things which in turn went and deleted a lot of things. So I will try to get them back but if I cant, sorry.

Big Bad Boss, Umm, Bastard

On Sunday night I finished Borderlands 2 and now I cry myself to sleep. I loved that game. I will post a (proper) review on Wednesday but I do want to quickly talk about the final boss. Semi-spoiler alert. Jack was to easy to kill so I expected the warrior to somehow get summoned. And once it was summoned I thought went through my head, SHEEEEIT. So after spending over forty minutes running in a circle saying, “crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!” I found the perfect place to stay. If you haven’t played or beaten the game and want a tip for the final boss here it is. When you come down the stairs from the ammo and/or heath vending machines there should be an exit to the Eridium Blight. Looking at the exit on your right should be a wall of rock, STICK TO THIS WALL!. Stay in the corner if you can. Using this method 90% of the warriors attacks can’t reach you and when the warrior comes up on your right the spot under his armpit is open and once hit enough causes some serious critical damage. Also only get some ammo from the free Hyperion vender once the warrior retreats. It only stays away for about 30 seconds, this is enough time to spawn a box and get everything. Remember only get ammo when he retreats, you know it’s retreating when it moans and slowly sinks into the lava. Every other time it moves it only leaves you a 10 second window to get ammo. The only problem with this method is that sometimes the warriors fire breath can get you from time to time and you may enter fight for your life, but fear not! All you have to do is shoot some Rakks who are conveniently flying in the sky. It worked for me so hopefully it should work for you.