Redeeming a Genre

I don’t play first person military shooters, or any first person shooter, for one simple reason… It’s the same game each time with new guns and no real reason to shoot things. Now I’m all for shooting things for no reason, That’s why I played Destiny, but after a while it get’s really boring (I zoned off around Modern Warfare 2 or 3) So I usually stayed clear of first person shooters (and I mean first person shooters not first person games like thief) Until Now…

Collect 139 377 Brown Rocks

You may have guessed by the title of this news post that the game is Borderlands 2. I picked it up for the vita and let me just say WHAT AN AMAZING GAME! I picked it up out of curiosity because I felt I needed to give FPS’s another go, expecting a mediocre shooter what I got was one of the greatest games of the last 5 years. I’m sort of far I think, I’m currently fighting Wilhelm, But I have spent a lot of time doing the side quests.