What my brain matter is currently perplexing (thoughts on): Pokémon GO


The wordy bit:

So… Dem Pokémon, imma right?

Okay, so I’ve never seen an episode of  Pokémon (I mean a full one, a viewing lasting more than half a minute) and have never been a fan so I missed this whole “epidemic” (for lack of a better word, Actually lets think of a few!)

  • Plague
  • Virus
  • The cause of population decrease because people are chasing virtual Pokémon/sitting on the side of the road complaining about server issues causing millions of sensible people to flee doomed relationships (P.S if you are currently in a healthy relationship with someone obsessed with Pokémon GO you have given me a new sense of faith)

Back onto the subject; I was never allowed to watch/play/interact with through the cells bars with the franchise till I was 8 and had a brief spell with one of the DS exclusives down at a friends holiday house at the coast. Granted I spent a good 14 hours on that bad boy, and had a ball, though after I went back home the game never entered my mind for 7 years until I had a sensation to play it last October on a, borrowed, DS when I found out my friend lost the game card and gave me Legend of Zelda: Spirit tracks instead and all motivation to play Pokémon melted away… as I spent the next few days walking down Los Angles streets HYA!ing grass who dares to harbour organs. So when the internet dive-bombed into Pokémon GO me, and a few other surviv- I mean friends, remained unfazed and continued to go about our daily business. But then people started trying to convince me to play it, even if I had a phone that was capable of playing something other than solitaire, I have a Blackberry Curve, I wouldn’t play it. Personally, I think Pokémon GO is a great way to get people outside and exercise and should continue to reawaken the muscles of all the humans claimed by TV in the last 30 years. But I think its going to die down soon, not because it’s badly designed because I have no clue if it is, but because it’s a trend. Or at least that’s what it looks like (god I backtrack a lot and yes it is because I’m a coward/missing a vital part of the male human anatomy.) So since I haven’t played it this is an outsiders view, which, is one part of this “coin” if you will. It seems to be doing some good so here’s hoping it stays in a positive light.

In Total:

Please stop telling me how lame I am while you walk into oncoming traffic at 5:30am in sweatpants while hunting for a virtual fish.