So right after I wrote the news post for last weeks comic I decided to install the first Deus Ex which has been on my shelf for a long time. I put it in, installed it and began. The training mission was a blast and then I started the first mission and all I can say is… It sucked. Now before anybody decides to open a can of nerd rage and what not let me tell you what I didn’t like.

First of all, there was no toggle crouch button, I know it sounds ridiculous but stealth games require you to move quickly from shadow to shadow while crouching. no button on my keyboard is comfortable enough for me to hold it for 90% of the game.

Second of all, so the police force/military are at war with the terrorists right. So why would the police force/military leave the gate to their base open for any random douche to just walk in.

Third of all, So J.C Denton is a some super badass ninja cyborg. Yet he cant jump more than five centimetres into the air. He needs a goddamn booster-box to be able to climb anything.

I quit after five minutes. Now say what you will, “The game gets better.” or “You just don’t know a good game when you see one!” But the was gameplay clunky and awful. The story seemed kind of interesting but not enough for me to spend 2 hours each level to get to the next cut scene. So if I have good to add. It was pretty.

The Man From Impossible

Last Friday I went to go watch the man from U.N.C.L.E. It was pretty good. The story was neat and it was acted well. Though do beware it does come to a screeching halt about half way through the movie. But it gets better.

Later that weekend I went to watch Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and all I can say is WOW. Throw what you think you know about Mission Impossible out the window because this movie was nothing like the previous entry. everything was better and there was no slow mo shots of Tom Cruise’s hair. Seriously go watch it.