About the site

About Pixelated

I started this webcomic turned blog in October 2014 after a few months spent reading Ctrl Alt Del. Before that current point in time I was slacking off like you’ve never seen before. Content to spend my days playing the original thief trilogy till the inevitable point where my pc would spontaneously implode out of sheer boredom. It was during one August day that one of my moms closest friends required my help at the bookstore she managed. It was extremely fun and so I continued to do this when I could. It wasn’t until one day that another of my mothers other friends had driven up from out Bloemfontein way and I met him at the bookstore. Fast forward 2 months and a bit to me sitting on the couch watching something to do with zombies when the first comics’ idea popped merrily into my head. I immediately sprung from the couch and began work on it. I emailed my mothers friend, who hosts this site, about getting my work out there with his help. So he emailed back with the details of my new site. And that, Charlie Brown, is how Pixelated was created.

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