This page contains all the stuff I’ve recently read/played/watched/cuddled at night and enjoyed enough to shove in your face.*

*Please do the taking of the notes: I don’t write summaries or reviews of these things on this page (Just unnecessary praise) as that would take a really long, unnecessary, amount of time and I am far to busy** doing work.***

***Is literally refreshing the Persona 5 website for the 7th time now.***
****Okay, that a lie, I’m actually watching the Google pineapple play tennis


  • Persona 4 Golden: My personal favourite game. A great JRPG with some of the best written characters I have ever seen in a game and I’m going to shut up now before I hit a stride and never shut up.
  • Psychonauts: This is a clever and fun platformer by Double Fine, need I say more?


None really. I haven’t watched a movie in quite some time.


  • Darker than Black: I always recommend this one as it was my gateway anime and is still my favourite anime. So far season 2 (A.K.A Gemini of the meteor) is holding up.
  • Terror in Resonance/Zankyou no Terror: I watched this anime on a limb, as it was the top recommended suggestion on Netflix for “anime like Tokyo Ghoul” and I was supercalifragilisticexpialidociously surprised.

Graphic Novels/manga/books