I forgot about Pixelated.


It’s been over six months since I last posted and what a crazy six months it has been. I’m currently in South Africa visiting family and as I was about to begin my work when I remembered about Pixelated after reading Jules Evan’s blog for the first time (side note: if your interested in psychology I definitely recommend checking out his blog) and thought, “Hey! I have a blog!”

So I’ve been trying to avoid using my blog for talking about current events and reviews  and things that are happening in my life because I thought that people who write about that type of  stuff are lame and so I repressed that part of myself-


Before I go on I should inform you all of something:

In the last few months I’ve gotten into psychology as it helps me understand myself better and work through my problems and so, as a result, I might use a few psychological terms when writing posts.

Back to your completely not scheduled blog post:

I guess you see were this is going; Pixelated is really going to become my journal.  I do plan to try and begin to create Pixelated comics again in my free time and if you’re only interested in that you can find a link to them on the top right corner of the website under “Pixelated” or my Tumblr (when I start updating that) . Other than that I shall be talking about things I’ve seen, done, played, studied etc… I cannot promise I shall have a schedule and I cannot promise I will not forget about Pixelated the minute I post this post but hey, I try my best. So till we next meet fair reader; A Bientôt!